Ashton Huffstetler Art

Pattern, color and nature are key components in this dynamic artist’s work!


I’m a maximalist, more is more! I love pattern on pattern, bright energetic colors and the magic nature provides. My fascination with creatures such as beetles, butterflies and birds, inspire me and are often seen in my work. I use iridescent paints to represent what is found in nature on insects and birds. A nod to my love of art history can be seen in the patterned backgrounds of my paintings,” said the artist.


Her strengths are two-fold: watercolor portraits and acrylic painter of nature

Using a small brush, she builds her surfaces with smooth detailed layers of acrylic color and seals her work with a high gloss finish. She paints predominately on cradled birch boards and runs her designs around the edges to create a three-dimensional effect.

Commission work is a large part of her business. Working with clients, she has developed personal paintings that grace many homes throughout the United States.

The patterned backgrounds in her watercolor portraits are abstract characteristics of her subject’s lives. Still using a small brush, she builds up layers of watercolor washes to develop their likeness.

Giving Back

Ashton recently donated a percentage of her sales from her solo show at Huntsville Hospital to support the Arts in Medicine Foundation. She is currently working on a Monarch Butterfly series and a percentage of those sales will go to support Save Our Monarchs Foundation.


Born and raised in Huntsville, AL, she spent her childhood playing in her family’s garden which developed her love of nature. She grew up surrounded by art. Ashton’s mother, also an art teacher, encouraged Ashton to pick up a brush and paint at the young age of 18 months. She has painted ever since!  Ashton attended University of Montevallo on an art scholarship. She graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting, a Minor in Art History and a Masters of Art Education.

Ashton taught high school art for four years in the public schools system. In 2022, she made the transition to full time artist. She maintains her teaching certificate and teaches private lessons from her home studio.


Galleries and Exhibitions


Montevallo Bloch Hall Gallery

Artistic Images

Huntsville Museum of Art

Huntsville Hospital Arts in Medicine Solo Show